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L.R.Caldwell International, Inc.
More than R&D and Manufacturing, LRCI also helps to create tomorrow's brands today.
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        also include: 
Money making opportunities as a wholesaler to small businesses.
Excellent opportunity for work at home moms(wahm) or dads(wahd)
                 Did you know nearly all today's big names started out as little known local names at first
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Did you ever dream of starting your own clothing line or product line?  Want to create a brand that expresses you the brand owner? If so, L.R.Caldwell International, Inc. can help you create your own brand.  We can help you in every step of this exciting process.  

         Our services include: Custom Manufacturing, website design, sourcing, importing/exporting, packaging and marketing

                               Ever try a Home Party Plan?  Huge profits for the Brand owner!  Let others sell your brand today! 

Nearly 30% of the $30,000,000,000.000 annually spent on Direct Sales come from Home Party Plans. Over  23.6 million Americans bought or sold goods from home in 2012.  Why not get a piece of the pie? 

We provide procurement services, import services, wholesale supplier, custom component manufacturing and other business resources.

L.R.Caldwell International, Inc. is run by a Board of Directors which spans 3 continents. Board members have backgrounds in the fields of Law, Business, Medical Services, Import / Export, Engineering and Foreign Trade. The combination of such diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, give us a sound platform in which to make intelligent decisions.

Our ability to serve many industries is a direct result of the close relationships we have formed with many businesses around the world.

By working closely with many other businesses, we are able to help keep smaller businesses running and keep people employed.

In addition to this, each partnership is formed with businesses which specialize in their selected fields, thus insuring you the best possible value for your money.

Independent Branding

the best
customer service!

 Since 1989, L.R.Caldwell International, Inc. has remained at the forefront in terms of International Trade through professional customer service. 

 Placing customers' needs at the head of our list.

While we may make many suggestions, the final word is always from our customers.

We understand that your brand is your reputation.

choose us!

 Clients choose us to help get their products manufactured, packaged, labeled, promoted,  put in shops, and so much more.

We help you get your brand on retailer's shelves.  With so many holidays in a year, we all need to plan ahead.

We offer more services to get your brand up and running than any other Branding Agency.

We have a strong international presents.  If it is international coverage you want, you'll get it from us.

Whether you are a branding agent or looking to create your own new brand,  we can help.

Be successful
it's easy!

 Of course "Easy" is a relative term.

Doing your homework and seeking professional help increases your chances of success 10 fold.

We take the hard work off your shoulders so you can focus more on your business and your customers' needs.

How to create a new Brand?

Let's find out!

Our clients include some names you already know-
Independent Hess stations

Independent Hess Stations -

We help place little or unknown brands on the shelves of these well known businesses which are popular with the general public.

Independent BP stations

Independent BP Stations -

We help place little or unknown brands on the shelves of these well known businesses which are popular with the general public.

How well known are we?  Check out our international visitors!  click the map

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