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L.R.Caldwell International, Inc. can handle all your domestic & overseas promotional needs.
Tell us your target market and we will get your product seen by millions around the world.

Few websites ever reach the readers needed to become a successful site.  We change that.

Many try to promote their products on B2B websites like: Made-in-China, Alibaba,
GlobalSources,TradeKey,  DHGate  and countless others.     

While this is great for the B2B site, it often hinders sales more than helping sales.  Almost no Chinese manufacturer can be found on Goggle, Yahoo nor Bing unless they are found thru Alibaba or another B2B site.

Even then, your business is mixed in with thousands of other search results.  Your product and your business is helping your competition greatly, because viewers will not stop only at your website, they will not begin serious comparisons with other competitors.

Buyers understand that B2B sites put very little effort in verifying an advertiser.  B2B sites are a "Buyer Beware" spot.  Scams run rampant.

Buyers have a higher level of trust in businesses which establish their own independent website. But a website without proper management is often the cause of driving consumers away from you.

We at L.R.Caldwell International, Inc. USA Division tailor your promotional campaine to your target market.

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We work with inventors from Asia, Europe, middle east and Africa.

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