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It's no secret, the government has always been in favor of big business.  Money talks.  The small business owners of today, face the most petty regulations conceived by someone locked away in a tiny office without windows.

Looking to both Europe and Asia, we see small businesses flourish.  While here in the USA,  small businesses struggle just to remain open one more day.  - WHY? WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE USA and EUROPE and ASIA?

ANSWER- There are 2 very different factors to consider.

1) Excessive government intervention in the USA, while in Europe and even more so in places like China, we see government go to great lengths to avoid interfering with small businesses.  We were able to set up an office and fill out the proper forms and get approval within 48 hours in China.  Government fee- $30.00   Our office in the USA required approval from 8 different government offices, totaling over $600.00

2) We see European and Asian small businesses forming unofficial co-ops.  Small business owners in the USA prefer to play the "Lone Ranger".  

US business owners are by far, less open-minded than their foreign counterparts.  

Common questions asked by small business owners are:

How do I find new customers?  How do I market my business? Where do I find cheap products to sell?  Where do I find buyers, market my products,  find custom manufacturing for my business?, marketing my business?, small business services to help me?, procurement services in my industry?, import help?, export help? 

Am I ready to consider international marketing?  How can I compete with corporate powerhouses? 

The list goes on....

Nobody can give you an intelligent answer to any of these questions without knowing alot about YOUR business, demographics, target market, consumer buying trends, and much more.

Small businesses should not look at their large corporate competitors with fear, rather as opportunity.  Yes, we have made recommendations to several small businesses to relocate next to Walmart!  

Think you can not compete against the giants? WRONG!  You can not only compete, but prosper!

Big businesses are always looking for new products to give them an advantage, small businesses are often left picking up the scraps.  Not anymore! 

Give your business the edge it needs.  Sell products not yet on the market.

How often do you as a business owner complain that business is too good?  

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Small Businesses need every advantage they can get. 

L.R.Caldwell International, Inc has the resources you need most.

Small business owners today often feel overwhelmed facing large corporate competitors on one side and governmental regulators on the other.  

In both Europe and Asia, neither are detrimental to small business.  

Infact, both can be used to the benefit of small business owners. 
Yes, even here in the USA!

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